Doctor Strange Returns as Sorcerer Supreme of Death in New Marvel Preview

Doctor Strange has returned! Following the debut of Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise earlier this month, the beloved mystic is back in the flesh in an entirely different role. As reveled in the Clea-starring ongoing series currently being released by Marvel, it has been revealed Stephen Strange is actually the identity of the Harvestman, the primary antagonist of the series thus far. Not only that, but Strange has assumed the Sorcerer Supreme mantle once again.

Not the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, mind you; that role, of course, belongs to his wife Clea. Instead, Strange has been named as the Sorcerer Supreme of Death, given the character’s technically still…well, dead. Clea will still look to sort things out with both Stephen and the Blasphemy Cartel in Strange #8, due out on November 30th.

Keep scrolling to see the issue’s solicitation and preview pages.

Strange #8
by Jed MacKay & Marcelo Ferreira, cover by Lee Garbett
WHO ARE THE BLASPHEMY CARTEL? The secrets of the Cartel are revealed, and it comes from the unlikeliest of sources! Will this be the help Clea needs to bring peace to her adopted realm? Or will this be too much for the Sorcerer Supreme to handle?


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