Dragon Age: The Veilguard Will Allow Players To Reunite With Their Inquisitor In Character Creator

The exciting gameplay reveal that BioWare provided for Dragon Age: The Veilguard wasn’t the only major reveal for the game that came forth today – leading up to the newest trailer, the developers also answered some key questions from fans who were excited by the reveal trailer that was unveiled during the Xbox Showcase on June 9th via the franchise’s official YouTube channel utilizing the pre-stream chat.

“During the character creation process, you’ll be able to customize your Inquisitor from the last game’s story, and make a few key decisions that will impact how The Veilguard begins,” the account responded to one question, which you can see in a Reddit post from DonTheBomb. For now it’s unknown exactly what pieces of the Inquisitor’s lore will impact the events of The Veilguard, something we’ll likely have to wait to see until the game’s release. The YouTube responses also revealed that as part of the character creator process players will choose from one of six factions to align themselves with.

“You’ll get to pick your faction when you make your character. There are 6 total, all with deep roots in Thedas, such as the Antivan Crows, the Grey Wardens, & Shadow Dragons,” another response read. While the response here only notes three of the possible six, we also know the Veil Jumpers, the Mourn Watch, and the Lords of Fortune are involved in the game due to companions Bellara, Emmrich, and Taash, respectively, so those are the options players will be presented with. It’s also been confirmed that Rook (the protagonist and player character for The Veilguard) can be created with any of the four races – human, elf, dwarf, or qunari.

BioWare has also confirmed that you won’t have to link an account or play online to experience The Veilguard, meaning previous game data will not be imported by the Keep – hence needing to create your Inquisitor again. In an interview conducted IGN, Game Director Corinne Busche spoke about the decision to import prior choices made in the previous games through the character creator rather than online.

“What’s not lost on us is that it’s been 10 years since existing players have played. They might not remember [what they did in previous games],” Busche explains. “They might need that refresher and we don’t want new players to feel like they’re missing out on those decisions. So in the character creator, I like to call it last time on Dragon Age, but you can go into your past adventures and it, actually through tarot cards, tells you what the context was and what decision you want to make.”

With previews hitting online from the Summer Game Fest already, additional information revealed by BioWare on various platforms, and posts from BioWare Project Manager and Executive Producer Michael Gamble on X (formerly Twitter), it sounds like players are in for an extensive character creator process. And to that I can only say: bring it on.

The news won’t stop there as BioWare are planning on announcing more throughout the summer. Coming up, BioWare will host Developer Discord Q&A on June 14th at 10am PT, while on the 18th Game Informer will publish a cover story for the game. Dragon Age: The Veilguard is coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 in fall 2024 and can be added to your wishlist now.


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