Dragon Ball Creator Teases Gohan's True Potential

Dragon Ball has always kept a close eye on Goku, but the hero isn’t the only one busy these days. Guys like Vegeta have been vying for the spotlight for decades now, and of course, there are others like Gohan. Goku’s eldest son was gassed up back in the day only to step back from the limelight to everyone’s surprise. And now, the creator of Dragon Ball is setting up Gohan’s true potential.

The whole thing got started after Akira Toriyama did a short Q&A interview with the Dragon Ball team. The anime’s official Twitter shared the excerpt with fans, and Toriyama’s first comment left netizens buzzing over Gohan.

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After all, Toriyama made a bold claim during the interview by saying “Gohan is actually stronger than anyone” with a catch (via Herms98). The creator went on to acknowledge the anime’s claim about Gohan has been undercut time and again by the Saiyan himself. Goku’s son could become stronger than him, but Gohan would have to dedicate his life to training in that case. Obviously, that is not what Gohan wants to do given his studies and family, but Toriyama acknowledges the Saiyan’s potential.

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Now, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will given Gohan a chance to let loose in a way we’ve not seen in ages. The hero last pushed himself during the Cell saga, and Gohan had his moments during Majin Buu’s reign. And if Toriyama is so inclined, Gohan might peel away new parts of his potential when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero debuts this summer!

What do you think about this update on Gohan? Do you feel like Dragon Ball did the fighter dirty? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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