Dragon Ball Super Art Brings Young King Kai to Life

By Megan Peters
Dragon Ball Super has plenty of work on its schedule, and 2022 plans to be a big year for the franchise. While the manga is eyeing monthly updates as usual, the anime is eyeing a spring comeback with its new movie. This means fans are about to reunite with their favorite characters on screen, and fans are circling back through the series to catch up. This re-watch includes Dragon Ball Z, and one fan was inspired to give King Kai a special makeover after checking up on the hero.  
The whole thing came to light when an artist on Twitter mocked up the Kai’s look centuries ago. The piece comes from Gotamaoo8 as you can see below, and the artist gave King Kai a sassy look that suits him pretty much perfectly.
🕶️界王様、若ぇ頃からダジャレばっか言ってたんかあ…😲#DragonBall #ドラゴンボール 🌴🦍 pic.twitter.com/FIvAWHJGLV
The character’s design here is far different than what we’re used to seeing. The Kai might still be short, but he is lean and dressed very neatly here. The deity is rocking a red jumpsuit with a black-gold vest over the top. Complete with white boots, the Kai’s younger design wraps its aesthetic with a familiar black cap, and Gotamaoo8 even sketched the character with his trademark sunglasses.
Clearly, King Kai looks great in this throwback piece, and fans admit they would love to see more of the deity’s past. Dragon Ball introduced audiences to the kaioshin back in Dragon Ball Z during the Saiyan Saga, after all. He was a full-fledged kaioshin by the time Goku met him in the afterlife, but we know a bit about his life before then. King Kai’s history is basic, but if the anime designed his younger self anything like Gotamaoo8, fans would love to see it for themselves. So if we are lucky, the series might bring out a King Kai comeback before long!
What do you think of this take on King Kai? Would you like the anime to explore more of the Kaioshin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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