Dragon Ball Super Art Introduces Final Fantasy to Gohan and Trunks

By Evan Valentine
Dragon Ball Super continues to tell the story of the Z Fighters to this day, with Gohan set to battle against the newest androids of the Red Ribbon Army and Trunks still living out his childhood days. In an alternate future however, both Gohan and Trunks lived very different lives, and one fan has given these alternate takes a new makeover by using the aesthetics of Final Fantasy characters, as the Shonen franchise looks to unleash some wild new battles in 2022.   
While the future version of Gohan died during the battle against their timeline’s version of the Androids, Trunks was able to travel to the past and assist the Z Fighters in taking down both the Androids and the biological nightmare known as Cell. Though he didn’t return to help in the fight against Majin Buu, Trunks would eventually return in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super to help in battling against Goku Black and the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu. Currently, there are seemingly no plans to bring back the future version of Trunks, with him not being seen in any promotional footage for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
Fan Artist HichamHabChi took the opportunity to blend the aesthetics of future Gohan and Trunks with the designs of the Final Fantasy series, which will normally follow entirely new heroes and worlds that have a number of recurring elements that link them all with the ever-expanding game series:
Saiyans reunites! #DragonBallZ #trunks #Gohan pic.twitter.com/MrCYVqS6Hu
What if Trunks got a Gunblabe #trunks #DragonBallz #finalfantasy8 #cloud pic.twitter.com/3IxkDyxLHX
Dragon Ball Super isn’t looking to the future in its current storyline, but rather the past, as the new character Granolah has several ties to the Saiyan race and the mad despot known as Frieza. Baring an ax to grind against Goku and Vegeta, the latest arc has given us the opportunity to dive into the past of Bardock and how he might not have been as bad as other Saiyans that were dead-set on ravaging planets. With fans theorizing that we might see Bardock come back to life, Dragon Ball Super has set expectations high for the conclusion of the Granolah The Survivor Arc.
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