Dragon Ball Super Is Ready to Redefine What Saiyan Pride Means

Dragon Ball has gone back and forth with its Saiyans since it began decades ago. Once Vegeta entered the picture, fans were given a better picture of the warrior race, and the term Saiyan Pride became a familiar one. After all, Vegeta leaned into his people’s bloodthirsty reputation as a way to power himself up, but a new manga draft is about to shake up that foundation at last.

The whole thing comes courtesy of Dragon Ball Super chapter 84. The update, which will go live this month, posted a sneak preview for fans as usual. It was there fans were united with Vegeta and Goku following an interlude with Bardock, and it seems the older man managed to remind the pair what Saiyan Pride really means.

#dbspoilers#DragonBallSuper Manga Ch84 “Pride of the Warrior Race” Draft Pages (English Translated)

The official chapter releases on 19 May!
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For years, Goku never understood what the pride meant, but he would mark foes and battle opponents to the very end in order to prove his dominance. Vegeta did this as well, and over the year, the fighter felt like he had to do Saiyan Pride justice to make up for his race’s mistakes. Their downfall weighed on Vegeta whether he acknowledged it or not, but after watching Bardock show his own pride while fighting Gas, our two heroes were reminded what their pride should mean.

“I didn’t fully believe in my own power,” Goku admitted. Vegeta went on to cement the new meaning of Saiyan Pride with his response, and as suspected, it turns out their pride is meant to celebrate personal strength rather than compete with others.

“I lost sight of it too. It’s not the Saiyans’ sins that we need to carry but our pride,” Vegeta admits.

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For years, Saiyan Pride was seen as a toxic tool that helped out heroes power up, but now it seems Dragon Ball Super is ready to shake that up. Bardock has shown the universe’s remaining Saiyans how their pride should really be used, so now fans must wait and see how Vegeta adapts to this change.

What do you make of this little Saiyan lesson? Do you like how Dragon Ball Super flipped the script here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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