Dragon Ball Super Sets Up New Peeks Into Goku's Past

Dragon Ball Super has given fans plenty of insight into its heroes over the years, and a fair few of those glimpses have taken place outside of the battlefield. Sure, Goku has a reputation for fighting, but the series has made it a priority to dig up slice-of-life moments for its cast. And now, it seems the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super is planning on exploring some of those moments for Goku.

The whole thing came to light when Dragon Ball Super put out an official preview of chapter 84 this week. As the manga prepares to drop the full update later this month, this sneak-peek checked in on Goku and Vegeta after a flashback with Bardock. And after seeing his father, it seems Goku is recalling a ton of quiet moments from his childhood that he completely forgot.


The roughs are out for DBS ch.84, “Pride of the Race”. Oatmeel’s voice record has reached its end. Monaito explains that Bardock left the planet as soon as he could move again, but left his scouter behind. This all seems to trigger some memories for Goku… pic.twitter.com/ynqac6Fjdy

As you can see above, the moments come in hot succession after Goku hears his dad’s voice. The fighter is taken back to when he was a baby being cared for at home by Gine. Living in a sustainment pod, Baby Goku is able to take in flashes and memories from his time at home. In his mind, Goku can remember seeing his dad, his mother, and several visitors at his home before things take a turn for the worse. One of Goku’s next memories is of him being put in a pod to escape Planet Vegeta ahead of Frieza’s attack, and that is where the reverie ends.

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This sequence marks the first time fans have seen these moments, and they are not alone in that. Goku never knew these snippets existed until now either. His encounter with Bardock from beyond the grave has opened up a new world to Goku, and fans are eager to see whether chapter 84 dishes out any other throwbacks.

Are you a fan of where Dragon Ball Super’s current arc is taking Goku? Do you think it’s a good thing the hero remembers his parents now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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