Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Images Explore Gohan's Fresh Look

By Evan Valentine
Son Gohan has long been a fan-favorite character in the history of Dragon Ball, first appearing in Dragon Ball Z and growing into an adult throughout the years of both Z and Super. With the next film putting Goku and Vegeta onto the sidelines, Gohan is taking center stage in the fight against the newly formed Red Ribbon Army and new merchandise has given fans a better look at his new aesthetic for Super Hero.   
Gohan has played a major role throughout the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, first being introduced as a Z Fighter that hadn’t kept up with his training and realized that he’d need to hit his former power level to protect the Earth and his family. Training with Piccolo, Gohan was able to once again grab onto the power he used against Majin Buu, his Mystic or Ultimate Form, and was a decisive part of Universe 7’s victory during the Tournament of Power Arc. Gohan would then play a big role in the Moro Arc, unleashing new tag-team attacks with Piccolo against the energy-absorbing sorcerer, whose introduction has yet to appear in the anime series.
Twitter User DBS Hype shared new merchandise from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which not only gives us fresh takes on Son Gohan, but also features several other characters that will be making appearances in the next entry of the Shonen series with the likes of Piccolo, Pan, Bulma, and Broly to name a few:
Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO Merch featuring New illustrations for Gohan, Pan & Bulma. pic.twitter.com/Kyj2IBAHqM
One of the weirder aspects that fans have noted when it comes to Son Gohan in this upcoming movie is the fact that he is transforming into a Super Saiyan rather than his Ultimate Form which he used during the Tournament of Power. With Gohan previously stating that he was looking to attain power outside of becoming a Super Saiyan, it will be interesting to see if this is touched upon in Super Hero as the son of Goku battles against the new androids of the Red Ribbon Army. 
What do you think of Gohan’s new look in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super’s anime? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball. 
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