Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Promo Gets Fans Talking With Special Cell Shout Out

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has fans on edge these days, but it won’t be much longer before the movie goes live. The big film is set to drop this June after a short delay, and of course, Gohan will lead the comeback with Piccolo at hand. The pair are getting ready to take on the Red Ribbon Army with their friends, and now, it seems a new promo has the whole fandom buzzing about Cell’s rumored involvement.

The whole thing came to light when Dragon Ball Heroes updated fans on its promotion for Dragon Ball Super. The game will have a tie-in event with the film ahead of its release, so fans can nab special character pulls and stamps for a limited time. So of course, fans were taken by surprise when Perfect Cell showed up on the collab’s list of stamps.

A Perfect Form Cell stamp is one of the rewards being given out for the Heroes x Super Hero movie collaboration. ? https://t.co/NTUr3zqz1b

As you can see below, the whole fandom buzzing, and it isn’t hard to put together why. Cell is one of the biggest villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, but he hasn’t been utilized in any major way since Dragon Ball Z. The android has made video game appearances and even flashback cameos, but Cell hasn’t experienced the joys of resurrection like Frieza has. So naturally, fans have long expected Cell to launch a comeback.

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The villain’s ties with the Red Ribbon Army gives this new Dragon Ball movie the perfect chance to revisit Cell, and we do know the film is keeping secrets. In recent adverts, the film describes the army’s Dr. Hedo as having a mysterious “super-weapon” which many have speculated is Cell or born from the baddie. And thanks to this game tie-in, fans are more convinced than ever about Cell and his impending comeback.

Do you think Cell has a shot at pulling off a comeback? Or does Dragon Ball Super need to lean into a different villain? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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