Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shares New Look at Broly's Comeback

Dragon Ball Super promises it will show fans a new side of Gohan and Piccolo, but the pair won’t be the only ones going to war. Everyone from Goku to Vegeta will have their hands busy when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero goes live. Evan Broly will be getting in on the action, and we’ve been given a close-up look at the Saiyan’s return.

The update was nestled within the movie’s new trailer, and to say it was brief puts things lightly. During one scene in the trailer, fans are given a close-up of Broly for the first time. The movie’s debut trailer only showed Broly in passing as he appeared to be training with Goku. Fans with keen eyes were able to spot Broly after a couple of watches, but this trailer makes sure Broly is impossible to miss.

Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022). pic.twitter.com/G7Z11uukUG

The Saiyan looks much the same as he did in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, so fans don’t have to worry about any design changes. He’s still rocking a scar on his cheek, and Broly has his wild hair loose as usual. In this new close-up, it appears the Saiyan is wearing a black undershirt that hugs his physique, and he’s got a rather tense expression on his face.

So far, fans know little about how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will treat Broly, but we know the Saiyan has some role. It seems he’s friendly with Goku these days as the pair are training, and this tracks since Goku offered to mentor the fighter at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Now, the question stands whether the Saiyan will end up fighting for Earth in this new film when it is threatened by the Red Ribbon Army.

After all, Broly has no attachment to Earth, so it is hard to see him fighting for humanity unless there’s something in it for him. Some fans are wondering whether Beerus and Whis will somehow rope Broly into the conflict. The deities are insanely strong, and Broly is always eager to fight tough opponents just like Goku. If he gets to spar with Beerus after saving Earth, Broly might be tempted to crush the Red Ribbon Army, and that desire will double if Cell somehow makes a comeback in this big movie.

What do you think of this new look at Broly? How do you think the Saiyan will get up to in this movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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