Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Theory Points to Android 21's Arrival

The latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now out, and it teases a climax that will see a major final boss battle go down! Not only that, but a lot of fan theory is now speculating that a fan-favorite villain could be making a debut! That villain would be none other than Android 21, the evil female android that serves as the main antagonist of the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ video game!

Let the predictions begin! ? pic.twitter.com/oidPvaQKfr

Android 21’s exact origin was left to Joker-style speculation, as she has delivered several different versions of it (as has the franchise). In some versions, No. 21 was a human researcher for the Red Ribbon Army that Doctor Gero turned into an android after they had a son together (who inspired the model of Android 16). Other times she’s described as a cutting-edge bio-android designed to be superior to Cell.

Either way, the resulting Android 21 is a powerful fighter with both human and Buu-style forms. In the storyline for Dragon Ball FighterZ, No. 21 consumes the cells of the other Z-Fighters and villains to increase her own power, just like Cell or Buu. As you can see in the tweet above, a lot of Dragon Ball fans think that the creature in that mechanical egg the Red Ribbon Army is hatching will be Android 21 – and not Cell.

It makes a certain amount of sense to introduce Android 21 in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The previous movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, was a fan-service vehicle to bring a popular extraneous character (Broly) into the Dragon Ball Super canon. Android 21 has become a big breakout character since debuting in 2018; fans would love to see Cell’s successor step into the spotlight and offer the next level of battle for Gohan, in a direct echo of the Cell Games climax.

Then again, a lot of Dragon Ball fans would arguably love to see Adult Gohan go for a round 2 fight with a new version of Cell. It has direct connections to Gohan’s epic Dragon Ball Z moment of reaching Super Saiyan 2 and taking down Cell – arguably the most iconic moment in Dragon Ball.

Either way: we know Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has a fun boss battle coming our way!


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