Dragon Ball Super Tease Sparks Buzz About an Anime Comeback

Dragon Ball Super is in the headlines right now, and we have its anime to thank for once. After years of waiting, the series has returned to the screen thanks to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. With the anime back in action and more manga updates on the way, fans are pleading for a TV revival more so than ever before. And now, a new rumor has some convinced an order will come through before long.

The update comes from Dragon Ball itself as the franchise is planning a special event for fans in Japan (via Chronicles). The anime plans to celebrate its new movie release with a ‘Thank You Stage Greeting’ on June 25th. The event, which will happen in Shinagawa, will unite Dragon Ball stars as they thank fans and share all sorts of behind-the-scenes details with them. Plus, if we are lucky, a full anime could be announced.

After all, this stage greeting has a track record of announcing big anime projects. Back in April 2015, the event gathered the anime’s cast and announced Dragon Ball Super was being made. The news came after the anime released two successful movie comebacks, and Dragon Ball Super went on to become one of the franchise’s most successful entries to date. So if a revival is on the horizon, this new stage greeting would be the best place to announce it.

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Rumors have swirled for years that Dragon Ball Super is eager to return to television, and this panel has sparked yet another. The franchise is still one of the most lucrative at Toei Animation according to quarterly reports, so fans have no doubt the studio wants to keep Goku going for as long as he can. But until an official announcement goes live, Dragon Ball Super will carry on in print as its manga puts out new chapters monthly.

What do you think of this latest comeback rumor? Do you think Dragon Ball is ready to return to television…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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