Dragon Ball Theory Unveils the Real Reason Gohan Is Stronger Than Goku

By Megan Peters
Son Goku wants to be the strongest fighter in the multiverse, and he’s been gunning for the title for decades now. However, for a brief time, the Saiyan conceded his goal when Gohan showed everyone his true potential. It was there fans were informed Gohan could surpass his dad if he put the work in, but time has pushed the fighter away from battle and towards books. But if you were still curious, a new theory has gone live breaking down why exactly Gohan still has it in him to beat Goku.  
If you will remember, Dragon Ball Z made the wild claim back during the Cell saga. Goku and Vegeta found themselves fighting against the artificial warrior, and Cell wasn’t anyone to snuff at. He had the power to take over the world if given the chance, and Goku gave his life in the hopes Gohan would finish the job. After all, the Saiyan knew his son could surpass him, and Gohan did just that for a brief moment. It didn’t take long for Dragon Ball to shift its focus back to Goku, and Gohan has been out studying ever since.
However, scientist Yudai Okuyama has crafted a theory that suggests the reason Gohan has more innate power than Goku. Recently, the researcher spoke with the official Dragon Ball website to go over the franchise’s real-world roots. It was there Gohan was discussed, and Okuyama believes his power comes from a process known as heterosis.
“Heterosis or hybrid vigor is a term used to describe when a hybrid offspring benefits from the biological advantages of both their parents and ends up stronger than them-basically, getting the best of both worlds. In agriculture, farmers utilize the mechanisms of heterosis to do things like make their crops grow to uniform sizes, to be more resilient, to taste better, that sort of thing,” the scientist explained.
“As for Gohan, you could propose that his strength is the result of heterosis. However, manifesting this phenomenon isn’t all that simple-it’s often the case that both parents need to possess particularly strong advantageous traits.”
As you can see, there is a definite explanation for why Gohan is so powerful, and the same must be said for Goten, Trunks, and Bra. Vegeta and Goku had kids with two of Earth’s most powerful women which served their family well. Bulma’s brain and Chichi’s brawn made their kids into the stars we know. And if Gohan ever wants to reclaim his title as strongest, he’s going to need to get back into shape ASAP.
What do you make of this science-centered explanation? Do you think Gohan could really surpass Goku if given the shot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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