Dying Light 2 Is Getting Review Bombed by Frustrated Italian Players

By Logan Moore
Dying Light 2 has been the subject of review bombing on Metacritic recently for a rather unexpected reason. Within the past week, Techland‘s long-awaited sequel to Dying Light finally released, and for the most part, fans and critics alike have been quite pleased with the title. However, as it is with nearly any video game launch, you often can’t please everyone, which has led to a certain group of people going out of their way to leave scathing reviews on various platforms. 
First noticed over on Reddit, the Metacritic page for Dying Light 2 had started to slowly receive a vast number of 0/10 user scores in an attempt to bring down the game’s overall average. While this is something that people do on Metacritic from time to time for no reason whatsoever, the core problem associated with all of these negative reviews largely involved the lack of Italian voiceover. Essentially, Dying Light 2 doesn’t feature an Italian voiceover option, which led to Italian players being especially frustrated that their own native tongue wasn’t found in the game. These complaints were amplified even further given that the original Dying Light did feature Italian voices, meaning that for one reason or another, Techland just didn’t opt to include it in the sequel. 
“Dying Light 1 had full Italian audio, while Dying Light 2 only has Italian text and full of errors and bad translation,” said one of the annoyed reviews. Another user went another step further and claimed that the lack of Italian voices in Dying Light 2 isn’t just a missing feature in the game alone, but it’s also “a heavy offence to Italian culture and people.” 
For now, it remains to be seen if Techland will actually hear these complaints and opt to add Italian VO in a future update for Dying Light 2. Unfortunately, even if this feature does end up rolling out down the road, it will likely take quite a bit longer to be implemented. As such, it doesn’t seem like these fans that are frustrated by this omission will be happy any time soon. 
Do you think that Italian fans are more than justified to be angry about Dying Light 2’s lack of native Italian voices? Let me know your thoughts on this matter either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.
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