Echo 3 Review: A Stylish Show that Stumbles with Execution

Journalist, screenwriter, and producer Mark Boal has created a string of popular and successful movies in the past decades. After departing from a freelance career in journalism and screenwriting, he made his mark with the release of his 2009 film The Hurt Locker. A war thriller that took home the Academy Award for Best Picture, Director, and Original Screenplay, The Hurt Locker would eventually be selected for archiving at the Library of Congress due to its significance. Boal then wrote the movie Zero Dark Thirty, chronicling the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and Triple Frontier. Zero Dark Thirty, too, was very successful. Boal, with an established niche and career under his belt, has now moved onto the small screen with the release of Echo 3 on Apple TV+. It is his debut on television.


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