Every Star Wars Game in Development

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in all of entertainment and Disney is making sure it can capitalize on that. Shortly after acquiring the franchise from creator George Lucas, Disney made an exclusive deal with EA to publish all AAA Star Wars games for a select period of time. In that time, it has made about four Star Wars games, some of which released to mixed results. It did give us the extremely popular Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but ultimately something was missing. In 2021, Disney confirmed that it would be allowing teams like Ubisoft to make their own Star Wars games and since then, the list of people working on Star Wars has grown tremendously.

As it stands, what could be the most diverse line-up of Star Wars games is on the horizon. Just recently, it was announced that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig would be making a new Star Wars game at Skydance Media. Hennig was working on a Star Wars game at Visceral Games before it was shuttered by EA and rumors suggest her new game could revive that project. Although it seems like some games like Star Wars: Battlefront 3 are on ice, there are a number of incredibly talented teams around the world working to bring Star Wars to life via video games. In addition to a seemingly endless slate of films and shows, Disney is making sure Star Wars will prosper in the gaming space as well.

With all of that said, there are a ton of Star Wars games in development. It’s hard to keep track of who is making what and when it’s coming out, so we’ve assembled a handy dandy list for fans to look through. Keep reading to see what Star Wars games are in development.

Amy Hennig is returning to the Star Wars universe following a canceled game at Visceral Games. Rumor has it that she is actually reviving this project, which means it could be set during the original trilogy with characters like Jabba the Hutt making an appearance. The canceled game followed a group of misfits in the criminal underworld of Star Wars as they butted heads with the Empire, so it could provide a unique angle to the seedy underbelly of the sci-fi universe.

Only time will tell if any of this turns out to be true, but either way, Amy Hennig and Star Wars are a match made in Heaven. The game is also still likely many years away from releasing.

Respawn Entertainment has two other Star Wars games in the works beyond its sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These two are equally mysterious, but are still interesting. Peter Hirschmann, one of the producers on the original Battlefront games and director of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, is helping lead a new first-person shooter for the Star Wars series. There hasn’t been a meaty FPS in the Star Wars series in quite some time and given Respawn is responsible for the amazing Titanfall series, this should excite fans.

The third and final Respawn Star Wars game in development is a new strategy game being led by Bit Reactor. Respawn is helping produce the title, but Bit Reactor is helping mix up the Star Wars universe in the strategy game genre. Not else is known about the game, but it does show that a lot of variety is coming to the sci-fi series.

Ubisoft Massive is also working on an untitled open-world Star Wars game. The game is expected to utilize the Snowdrop engine, which was used on The Division and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot set a high bar for the game by stating it will be “an original Star Wars adventure that is different from anything that has been done before.”

It’s certainly a big statement, but there is virtually nothing else known about the game right now. It’s also likely years away from releasing because Ubisoft Massive is finishing up its Avatar game at the moment.

Star Wars: Eclipse is one of the more unique projects in the pipeline as Quantic Dream is known for incredibly cinematic games that primarily consist of quick-time events. Star Wars: Eclipse will utilize the team’s narrative prowess with a wide-spanning story with multiple protagonists set in the High Republic era, a time period that has only been explored in the books and some VR experiences. Details are also scarce on this project, but it’s expected to revolve around the politics of the Star Wars universe and explore unseen areas of the galaxy. Ultimately, the game has made an impression on people for being noticeably darker and more abstract than other Star Wars media in the Disney era.

The game is in very early development, so it will likely be many years before we actually see something tangible from the game.

Aspry Media has made its name over the last few years by porting a bunch of old Star Wars games to modern consoles. Although they’re nothing mind-blowing, it was enough for Disney to trust the team with a very beloved Star Wars story. In 2021, Aspyr confirmed it was developing a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PlayStation 5 and PC, but it has been speculated that an Xbox release will happen at a later date. The game is expected to keep the story in-tact, though it may make some changes, and modernize the gameplay. Fans are hoping it will embrace a real-time combat system as opposed to the turn-based combat of the original game, but nothing has been confirmed.

The remake is rumored to launch sometime in 2023, but Aspyr has yet to slap an official date on it.

Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment confirmed it’s making a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s heavily rumored to take on a different name, so don’t expect it to be called Jedi: Fallen Order 2. Details are scarce on the project, but it is expected to be revealed sometime this summer with a holiday release. As of right now, no one knows if it will release for last-gen consoles or not.

Star Wars: Hunters is a brand-new free-to-play multiplayer game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices releasing sometime in 2022. The third-person action game seems to take heavy inspiration from hero shooters as there are a number of seemingly new characters from the Star Wars universe that fit into different classes and roles, allowing players to experiment with different playstyles. In addition to using typical blasters and other Star Wars gadgets, there will also be lightsabers, so it should be a thrilling multiplayer experience.


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