Exmas Review | A Cute Festive Rom-Com

Thanks to Hallmark, Lifetime, and Hollywood in general, the Christmas season is the time for rom-coms. Its nigh impossible to count the romantic comedies that studios dump out every Christmastime like snow in Buffalo. But for every 100th or so sloppy holiday rom-com, there is a film that shines so brightly among the rest, it's instantly considered a Christmas classic. Take Love Actually and your Happiest Season, for example, not to mention the countless classics of the '50s and '60s. Now, Freevee throws their latest Christmas rom-com offering on the table in the form of Exmas, a film about two exes who, after a misunderstanding, are both forced to spend Christmas together. Thankfully, however, what could have been another forgettable holiday rom-com is instead a movie that surprisingly deserves a place among the best Christmas rom-coms in recent memory.


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