Fallout 76 Gives Premium Players Another Exclusive Feature

Fallout 76 is adding a new perk, but not for everyone. Bethesda announced this week its plans to enhance the game’s premium membership option, Fallout 1st, with an additional benefit known as the “Ammo Storage Box” which, as its name suggests, will provide players with a place to stash their ammo infinitely to avoid having to come up with options within your C.A.M.P. and using resources to accomplish that goal. The new Fallout 1st perk isn’t live yet, but it will be whenever the game’s Nuka-World on Tour update drops on December 6th.

If you’ve already got a Fallout 1st membership and have made use of the Scrap Box, you’ll find that the new ammo feature is essentially identical to that one. The only exceptions to storing away your ammunitions are that you can’t store Plasma Cores in the box nor can you store Fusion Cores.

“With the arrival of our Nuka-World on Tour update, Fallout 1st members will receive a new membership feature: the Ammo Storage Box!” Bethesda said. “The Ammo Storage Box works similarly to the Scrap Box already included with your Fallout 1st membership, offering unlimited space to store all your excess munitions, with the exception of Plasma Core and Fusion Cores.”

The Fallout 1st membership was announced back in 2019 and is described as a “premium membership that enhances the Fallout 76 experience.” It’s main features include the ability to take on “Private Adventures” and to visit custom worlds with a group of friends, but it’s got other features, too, like a monthly allowance of the premium currency known as Atoms and in-game tools like the Scrap Box and Survival Tent that arguably give players a bit of an edge when playing with others even if it’s a slight one.

Extra perks are not added too often to this Fallout 1st membership, so while this is a rare occurrence, it’s not totally unheard of. Bethesda’s FAQ for the Fallout 1st subscription addresses the topic of perks changing over time and says Bethesda is “always considering new ideas and may add additional benefits to the Fallout 1st program.”


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