Fallout 76 Update Gives Players an Early Advantage

Bethesda is all about adding new content to Fallout 76 to keep players who’ve been around for a while occupied, but in this latest update that’s now come to the test servers for a trial run, some changes have been made that affect the very start of the game. Newcomers and those who want to start anew with a fresh character will find within the PTS playtests that people will now be equipped with an assortment of items to help them better survive their first steps into the Appalachian wasteland. This update is currently only on the test servers, however, and will remain there until Bethesda releases it in the live version of the game.

The changes weren’t highlighted in an Inside the Vault post like the ones that have previously been focusing on Expeditions and The Pitt but were instead shared in the PTS highlights post. This post serves as a set of patch notes, of sorts, for the test server, and towards the end of the entry, it talked about the early-game changes.

“In this PTS playtesting phase, we have included some adjustments to the starting experience for Dwellers who are taking their first steps out of the Vault,” Bethesda said.

The starting bonus for new characters consists of some basic supplies including a 10mm Pistol, some ammo, armor, and consumables to heal yourself up should all of that gear fail. The full list of what characters get when they leave the Vault can be found below:

Bonuses for New Fallout 76 Characters

Fallout 76’s latest update with these changes and the content surrounding The Pitt is now available on the test servers.


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