Fortnite Darth Vader Trailer Recreates Iconic Rogue One Scene

A new Fortnite trailer has paid homage to one of the most iconic Darth Vader scenes in the history of Star Wars. Despite Star Wars having already been featured in Fortnite many, many times, Darth Vader only just recently joined the battle royale game. His recent inclusion wasn’t much of a surprise as Darth Vader’s Fortnite inclusion had leaked on multiple occasions before joining the game. Even before he was officially confirmed as a playable character in the game, Fortnite introduced Darth Vader to the game’s world via a split second cameo in a major in-game event which sent the internet into a wild frenzy.

Now, Darth Vader is finally in Fortnite and has been for a couple of weeks. Epic Games is having a fun time marketing him and even went the extra mile to make a small promo for him. The new promo showcases a group of Fortnite characters trying to open a door in a hallway before hearing Darth Vader’s intense breathing behind them. They turn around to the dark hallway before Vader ignites his ligthsaber, illuminating the room in red. For Star Wars fans, this is a clever and obvious recreation of the last scene of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. At the end of the film, Darth Vader violently slays a hallway of rebel soldiers who are trying to get schematics for the Death Star off the ship and into safe hands so it can be used against the Empire in A New Hope.

If only you knew the power of the Dark Side…

Although this promo cuts away before any of the violence begins, it can assumed that the likes of Peely and others were hacked apart by Vader. Players can get Darth Vader by maxing out the game’s new battle pass, but he’s not available through any typical skin packs like other characters. Darth Vader has also been a major player in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, serving as one of the antagonists of the show. Given crossovers in Fortnite are typically used to promote a movie or a show, it’s likely his inclusion was a tie-in for the new Disney+ series.

Fortnite is now available on all major platforms. Are you aiming to earn Darth Vader in the battle pass? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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