Fortnite Players Face One of Their Toughest Votes Yet

Fortnite routinely tasks players with voting between different weapons to decide which one gets taken out of the vault and added back into the loot pool, and soon, players will have to partake in what’s already looking to be one of the more divisive votes we’ll see this season. Epic Games announced this week that the dance-inflicting Boogie Bomb will soon go head-to-head with the Rift-To-Go item on the donation boards with only one of those items declared the victor. For now, however, those two utility items are available in the game for testing so that players can see how they feel before voting.

The Boogie Bomb, for the uninitiated, is a throwable grenade, but it’s not one that deals damage. Instead, anyone who’s caught in the blast radius of the item is forced to dance for the next five seconds which prevents them from taking any meaningful actions for that duration or until they’re damaged in any way.

Fortnite’s Rift-To-Go item that’s been stewing in the vault for a while now similarly deals no damage, but instead of using it against others, it’s more of a tool for yourself to get out of sticky situations. Once activated, it creates a rift and sends the player up into the air so that they can skydive to a new location, but the rift remains there for a short time so that other players can use it as well.

Test it before you suggest it!

Soon you’ll have to vote for which item stays. But for now you get the best of both. Hop in and test the Boogie Bomb vs. the Rift-To-Go.

Judging from the replies to the tweet announcing this next vote, players are already trying to sway one another over to either Team Boogie Bomb or Team Rift-To-Go. One of the points made by players is that there is plenty of mobility in the current season via different features like cannons and jetpacks, so if you go by that logic, there’s no need for the Rift-To-Go and the Boogie Bomb should win instead. Others have pointed out that in the Zero Build mode where players can’t build structures like they’d usually be able to, this Rift-To-Go might be the better option to allow players to quickly escape a situation.

Regardless of which will win, you can’t vote just yet. Now is the time for testing the items to see how they fit into the current meta, but look for Epic Games’ announcement about the voting going live whenever that happens.


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