Futurama Is Being Revived and Fans Sounding Off

By Evan Valentine
Futurama is making waves once again with the streaming service of Hulu announcing that the series will be making a comeback in 2023. With the series from Matt Groening being a fan-favorite thanks in part to its hilarious antics as well as fully fleshed-out characters, fans are responding in droves when it comes to the Planet Express’ return. Though all is not thrilling for fans as John Dimaggio might not return to the role of Bender as negotiations are still ongoing. 
Futurama has been brought back before, with the series getting a quartet of movies along with new episodes following its time on Fox, but with Hulu already bringing back the likes of Animaniacs, the streaming service is going all-in when it comes to the Planet Express. Hulu shared the big news via its Official Twitter Account, with Bender holding a flag welcoming back the beloved animated franchise:
Futurama returns! New episodes coming to Hulu. pic.twitter.com/xQFAW79VdH
What do you think of Futurama making a comeback? Are there any other animated series you’d like to see return? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Planet Express.
Big day for Futurama fans pic.twitter.com/cjYEvhak8B
So, apparently one of my favorite shows of all time–Futurama–is getting a new season. As such, please see this image that’s part of one of the most beautiful and devastating sequences ever made. If you know, you know. Dogs, man. They are better than us. pic.twitter.com/QpJBKrUJnd
Guess it’s true pic.twitter.com/HY3JNMjVWh
yo what pic.twitter.com/LKFpKJ7qgF
One of the best shows of all time is returning, thank you😭 pic.twitter.com/UWOhfaXTNp
The last time they brought Futurama back, it didn’t feel quite right to me, and in retrospect a lot of that was due to the fact that I did not write the episodes. Now we have an opportunity to rectify the situation.
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