G4 and WWE Collaboration Revealed to be Return of Arena

WWE and G4 previously teased a new collaboration coming to G4 TV, and today they’ve revealed another major detail on the upcoming project. In a new video Austin Creed (WWE’s Xavier Woods) and Gina Darling were on the set fans got a glimpse of last time with the stairs and G4 logo in the background, and today they revealed another big piece, announcing that the name of the new show will be none other than the return of Arena. Creed and Darling will be the new hosts, and more details should follow tomorrow, hopefully including when the new show will premiere.

For those unfamiliar with Arena, the series revolved around multiplayer battles in games like Unreal Tournament 2004, Call of Duty, Tekken 4, War of the Monsters, Mario Kart, and more. Two teams compete while the hosts provide commentary on what’s happening during the round, and now Creed and Darling look to be filling those roles.

Tomorrow, all will be revealed. @AustinCreedWins @MissGinaDarling @UpUpDwnDwn pic.twitter.com/oQIra8FYZQ

We’ll have to wait and see if the format remains the same or if there have been any changes, but it’s exciting to see the show return. Also this is a WWE and G4 collaboration, so perhaps we’ll be getting an influx of WWE Superstars taking part in the series? If so, a few names quickly spring to mind.

Stars like Kofi Kingston, Liv Morgan, Tyler Breeze, Shayna Baszler, and Ricochet have all jumped into the gaming side before, so perhaps we’ll see them here once more. Cesaro has also been a frequent guest but since he’s no longer with WWE it remains to be seen if he will still pop up from time to time in this particular show.

As for the games, fighting games and shooters are all game, so it stands to reason that games like Halo Infinite, Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Super Mario Strikers, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Forza Motorsport, Fall Guys, and of course, Fortnite all might be in the mix. In a previous interview with CinemaBlend, Creed talked about the possibility of being joined by some of his Da Party teammates on the network.

“Possibly, nothing is out of the window,” Woods said. “Being linked to WWE where anything can happen, G4 would be a great place to interact with other wrestling talent from anywhere. So, it would be a great piece of fun to be able to interact with people that I might not be able to interact with otherwise. And G4 is such a good and inclusive place. I was at the studio this past week and it’s just incredible to see so many different kinds of faces and people from so many different areas and walks of life, just in the office down to like the social media team. Everybody is different and brings something to the table. So, I’m hoping that it is a means to create more content with more people that you normally wouldn’t see us creating content with.”

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