Godzilla: Toho's Next Kaiju Project Reportedly Reveals First Details

By Evan Valentine
The king of the monsters has retained his crown in both the East and the West, with Japan bringing back Godzilla as the terrifying “Shin” beast and Legendary Pictures recently placing the lizard king in front of the giant ape known as Kong. While Legendary is creating a new television series for Apple TV+, it seems that Toho Studios is currently working on a kaiju project of its own, which might take viewers to a very different time period than what we’ve seen before.    
Godzilla first appeared in his titular film from Toho Studios in 1954, created as a commentary on nuclear weapons and the devastation that took place in Hiroshima. With the king of the monsters first being created as a culmination of spirits seeking revenge, the lizard king has had many different origins over the years. In the MonsterVerse from Legendary Pictures, Godzilla has asserted himself as the king of the monsters, even managing to defeat the ruler of Skull Island and the former king Ghidorah to lay claim to the throne of the kaiju. It would now seem that Toho might focus on a time before Godizlla’s original appearance with this upcoming film.
Kaiju News Outlet reports that the next kaiju project from Toho will begin filming next month as it looks for Extras to help in rounding out the project, while also noting that the film will more than likely take place in Japan around the time of the mid-1940s with director Takashi Yamazaki heading up the project.
In terms of the details of this next Toho production, the studio has yet to confirm much more about the movie, leaving fans to wonder if Godzilla will be the leading monster or if Toho will decide to focus on one of the many other monsters that destroy within the world of the lizard king. With the previous kaiju film from Toho being Shin Godzilla, it will be interesting to see if this incarnation of the king of the monsters will be making a comeback, especially with the “Shin Universe” recently being coined. 
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Via Kaiju News Outlet
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