Godzilla's Animated Series Is Releasing Its Season 2 After 40+ Years

Godzilla may be used to the big screen these days, but in the past, the famous kaiju has taken over everything from radio waves to television sets. Years ago, the team behind The Flintstones helped bring Godzilla to life on TV with an original animated series. And after four decades, the show’s second season is finally being released outside of its original broadcast.

The announcement comes courtesy of the Godzilla crew. Toho has announced season two will be released for the first time after 40 years. This marks the only time Godzilla season two has been made available after its original broadcast, so fans can binge the cartoon starting June 6th.

To make things even better, Godzilla‘s animated series has its first season available to stream right now. You can find all 13 episodes on YouTube right now courtesy of Toho. And in less than a week, netizens can binge all of season two.

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For those unfamiliar with this project, Hanna-Barbera produced the Godzilla animated series in the late 1970s for NBC. The studio aired the kaiju series during its Godzilla Power Hour alongside other series such as Jana of the Jungle. The original series has gained a cult status over the decades thanks to its whacky plot lines and restricted access. After all, the cartoon introduced the world to Godzooky, and fans to this day have a love-hate relationship with Godzilla’s often cringy cousin.

While Toho works on making Godzilla‘s animated series most accessible, the company has other projects in progress for the kaiju. Apple TV+ is developing its own live-action TV show inspired by the MonsterVerse following Godzilla vs Kong. Just recently, it was also confirmed director Adam Wingard will return to the franchise for Godzilla vs Kong‘s sequel, and the big flick will star Dan Stevens.

What do you think of this special Godzilla treat? Have you ever seen the kaiju’s throwback animated series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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