GTA 6's Expected Release Window Revealed by Xbox

Microsoft has revealed when it expects Grand Theft Auto VI to be released. It has been nearly a decade since Rockstar Games released the last Grand Theft Auto game and four years since it released its latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2. Given no one makes a game like Rockstar Games thanks to its talent, size, and resources allotted to its staff, many are craving a new title. However, things like COVID have likely internally pushed some projects back, but Rockstar Games was kind enough to confirm that the next Grand Theft Auto is in the works and will seemingly be its next release. As for when it will release remains to be seen since we don’t even have a trailer for the game yet, but Rockstar promises more information in the coming months.

However, a new story is going around that suggests Microsoft has insight into when Rockstar will release GTA 6. As part of the ongoing situation between Microsoft, Sony, and regulators for the acquisition of Activision, the Xbox platform holder submitted a filing that talks about competitors to Activision and the value they bring to the industry. In the filing, Microsoft notes that it expects Grand Theft Auto VI to be released by 2024, meaning we’d be 24 months away from playing it at most. However, there is a catch. The filing cites an article from TechRadar that gathers up all of the big GTA 6 rumors which notes speculation surrounding a 2024 release date. A report from Bloomberg suggested devs don’t expect the game to release before 2024, Take-Two has projected significant growth by the end of that year, and other rumors suggest it could be ready by then.

With all of that said, it seems more likely that Microsoft doesn’t know (or isn’t releasing its own information) and is instead compiling a consensus from the internet. Either way, 2024 doesn’t seem out of the question. By then, Rockstar will have had a 6 year release gap from its previous title and 11 years since the last Grand Theft Auto.

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