Halo Infinite Adding Champion Rank in Future Season

Halo Infinite players who think they’re the best of the best or at least want something more to work towards in the game’s ranked environment are in luck: 343 Industries is adding another rank for players to strive for. The return of the Champion rank has been confirmed by the developers this week with 343 saying that it’s heard the feedback from the community about the lack of a mode above Onyx. There’s no indication as to when the Champion rank will be added, however, but 343 has at least said that it’s coming.

The confirmation of the Champion rank being added to Halo Infinite came from the latest insights into the new Halo game shared by 343 this week. In a closer look at the innerworkings of the game’s ranked experience, the developers had a brief Q&A at the bottom of the post where they addressed some of the top questions and concerns from the community. The last of those echoed some of the complaints that Onyx was as high as the ranks go with 343 saying it plans to adjust that ranked ceiling within a future season.

“We hear this feedback loud and clear, and we’ll be adding it in a future season down the road,” 343 Industries said about the plans to add a Champion rank. “Similar to the reconnect feature above, we still need to scope out the work for this before we can commit to any timing.”

The reconnect feature mentioned in the answer above would allow people to quickly reconnect to a ranked match if they got disconnected because of a game crash or some other issue beyond their control. The developers said they’d noticed that request, too, but unlike the commitment to the Champion rank, 343 said it needed to do “additional investigations” before committing to adding the reconnect feature.

The Champion rank mentioned in the post was present in Halo 5 and was positioned above Onyx there as well. While other ranks were populated with however many players fell within their parameters, Champion was naturally a bit more exclusive and only housed the top 200 Halo players. Champion rank in Halo Infinite may have room for a greater or lesser number of top players such as the top 500, but we won’t know for sure until Halo Infinite’s creators are ready to add the feature.

Halo Infinite players can add that to the list of the features they’re waiting on now with some other ones like co-op campaign and the Forge mode still not present in the game at this time.


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