Halo Infinite Is a Flop, Needs Battle Royale Mode Says Nickmercs

According to popular streamer Nickmercs, Halo Infinite is in dire need of a battle royale mode. Halo Infinite was released at the end of 2021 after an extended delay and although it was received well for its meaty, innovative campaign and fun multiplayer, it hasn’t been able to keep up with other shooters. Games like Call of Duty release yearly and hit the ground running with brand new content in a month or two, but so far, Halo Infinite‘s post-launch support has been marginal at best. While there 343 Industries has promised more content, it hasn’t made it explicitly clear when or how it will deliver on that promise.

One thing players have been suggesting before the game even came out is that Halo Infinite could use a battle royale mode. Streamer Nickmercs took to Twitter to call Halo Infinite a “flop” and stated that a battle royale mode could give it the boost it needs to stay relevant. Recent leaks have suggested Halo Infinite may get a battle royale mode in the near future, but it’s unclear when it could happen. As of right now, Halo Infinite is struggling to release content that is usually a core staple for the franchise. The game shipped without co-op or Forge mode and 343 recently delayed the mode once again, leaving them without a concrete release window. It’s hard to imagine a battle royale releaing anytime soon with these circumstances.

Halo Infinite was a flop. Such a shame too, because the potential was through* the roof. Should’ve incorporated a Battle Royale. Would’ve been a net+. More content = More viewership = More everything. All ships rise. Adapt or die.

It’s hard to tell whether or not 343’s hypothetical battle royale mode would even be relevant by the time it launched. People may have moved on by that point, but if it’s really good, it’s bound to lure some lapsed players back in. Halo Infinite had a strong launch in December, becoming the second best-selling title of the month behind Call of Duty: Vanguard, but fell to the 18th best-selling game of January 2022. The game was completely missing from the top 20 best selling video games in February, but it is an Xbox Game Pass title with a free-to-play multiplayer mode, so it’s hard to measure how many players are engaging with it on Xbox still.

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