Hogwarts Legacy Combat and Spells Explained

Hogwarts Legacy has a pretty intuitive and layered combat system. Whether you’ve been playing the game since the early access dropped or are about to get into all of it this weekend, there’s a lot that you still probably have left to learn. Hogwarts Legacy lets you be the wizard or witch you want to be, which also means you get to determine how you handle yourself in combat. Are you a person who would rather have minimal combat and stealth around? Do you like to just do the least amount of damage on a person? Or do you want to inflict absolutely relentless brutality on your foes, leaving them to die? The choice is yours! Either way, here are some tips to on how to be the most efficient with all of your spells.

It’s important to understand that all spells serve their own very specific purpose. Some of them have zero usage in combat and are used more as tools. The different types are as follows: Damage (red), Control (Yellow), Force (Purple), Utility (Blue), and Curses (Green). You’ll naturally get these as you play the main story and complete school assignments. From there, you can then make loadouts that bind spells to one of the four face buttons on the controller. As you start to earn talent points, I highly recommend you invest these talent points into purchasing more loadouts. This will allow you to easily switch between sets of spells without having to open the menu and re-organize everything mid-combat. It will be a life saver in the second half of the game as things get a bit harder.

From there, it’s important to experiment and see what spells work best for you. It’s important to think not just about what does the most damage, but how well they can all be combined together. For instance, you can lift someone up, pull them toward you, light them on fire, and then push them into other enemies to deal extra damage or even blow something up. It’s a very freeing combat system, allowing you to really use your imagination to take down your foes. You can also do things like destroy bridges, knocking enemies down to their death, and then use another spell to repair the bridge. Hogwarts Legacy rewards creativity in sandbox, so get creative!

What are your favorite spells to use in Hogwarts Legacy? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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