Hunter x Hunter: What We Know About the Series' Return

After four years away, Hunter x Hunter is ready to make its rightful return. Creator Yoshihiro Togashi confirmed work on the manga has resumed, and all eyes are looking to Shueisha for updates on the comeback. After all, fans new and old have been waiting for Hunter x Hunter to return for years now, so here’s what we know about the situation so far…

First, Togashi spread the news of Hunter x Hunter returning after making his very own Twitter. The artist, who has never used social media publicly, posted pictures of some manga drafts to signal the series return. At first, fans weren’t sure whether the account was real, and the anime’s lead voice actors stirred buzz further when they reacted to the update on Twitter. But in the end, it was One-Punch Man’s Yusuke Murata who said they were told Togashi’s account was real.

Oricon has since confirmed the Twitter profile’s authenticity with the Shonen Jump editorial department. The magazine has not commented on when Hunter x Hunter will return, and its publisher Shueisha has also kept mum on the subject.

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So far, Togashi has posted previews of two new chapters which are labeled ‘6’ and ‘7’ on Twitter. One of his editors went on to confirm Togashi is working on a set of ten new chapters for the comeback as that will fill a volume. So far, it seems he has six under his belt with three more to finish. The drafts will be refined and inked before moving on to finalization. So if Hunter x Hunter fans are lucky, Togashi will drop his new chapters by this fall or winter.

How are you feeling about Hunter x Hunter returning? What do you want to see from Togashi’s new chapters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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