Interview With the Vampire Teaser, Release Window Revealed

Last week, AMC released first look images from its upcoming Interview With the Vampire television series based on Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles books and now, the network has released a new teaser for the highly anticipated series as well as revealed the series’ title card and release window. As revealed at the end of the short teaser, which was shared on social media on Sunday, Interview With the Vampire is expected to debut something this fall. As for the teaser itself, we don’t actually see Louis or Lestat in action, but we do get a glimpse of their world. The 30 second trailer takes us into their stately home where seemingly a caretaker shutters things up against the daylight and two coffins are revealed standing side by side in a fire-lit room.

Also revealed in the teaser is what appears to be an early 20th century setting as both an early automobile and a horse-drawn carriage of sorts are seen on the street outside the home. It lines up with the previously released photos which show Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reid) out and about in New Orleans in roughly the same era. It’s an interesting choice of setting, considering that in Rice’s Interview With the Vampire novel Louis describes his contact with Lestat in the 1920s as very limited and very different.

Come on in. #InterviewWithTheVampire, arriving Fall 2022.

AMC’s adaptation of Anne Rice‘s beloved 1976 novel of the same name has been a long time in coming. Rice regained the rights to the book in 2016–the book was previously adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise back in 1994–and there have been various attempts and offers to adapt Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series over the years. However, it’s AMC’s attempt that was the only one to progress out of the initial stages of development and the project officially moved forward at the network in 2021.

According to series executive producer Mark Johnson, they’ve taken great effort to uphold Rice’s storytelling legacy while also ensuring that the characters appeal to a more modern audience.

“Developing this series carries great pressure and responsibility,” Johnson told PEOPLE. “What Anne Rice created and what her fans have been transfixed by forces us to take this book-to-television show transition with a great deal of responsibility. It is imperative that we do not disappoint her fans and yet we need to make sure that this story, these characters sing for a modern audience.”

He added, “We are hoping that this series compels the Anne Rice fan to rediscover her works. We are also hoping that those viewers who have never read an Anne Rice novel go running to the bookstore eager to understand what all the fuss is about.”

Interview With the Vampire isn’t the only one of Rice’s novels being adapted by AMC, either. The network is also adapting Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches books as well and recently cast Alexandra Daddario in that series’ lead role. Sadly, Rice passed away in December of last year before either series could premiere.

In addition to Reid and Anderson, Interview With the Vampire stars Bailey Bass as child vampire Claudia, and Succession star Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy, the investigative journalist conducting the titular interview.

Interview With the Vampire is expected to debut on AMC and AMC+ this fall.


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