Island Paradise Makes an Art Form of Interracial Partner Swapping

Island Paradise is a titillating story of breast expansion and interracial swinging as Kevin and Patty navigate a hedonistic utopia of mystical magic and sexually imposing inhabitants.

The story starts in a cruise ship nightclub, when Kevin becomes ill and steps outside. After accidentally throwing up on the lifeboat hanging off the side of the ship, Kevin and Patty climb aboard and try to clean up the mess.

The rope snaps, the boat falls, Kevin gets knocked out, and the pair drift off into the night. Exhausted and scared, Patty falls asleep in hopes her husband will be better in the morning.

During the night, the boat passes through a special energy field that leads to an adventure they never could have imagined when the cruise ship left the port. The next morning Patty awakens to find her boobs have grown to a shirt busting size, but that Kevin sadly isn’t awake to enjoy them as well.

The boat washes ashore on a remote island where Patty’s greeted by the naked and well-endowed Afua. She can’t take her eyes off what’s between his legs, until she remembers her husband’s still unconscious in the boat.

Afua takes the couple to a magical mud pit in the middle of the forest, which he says will awaken Kevin. While undressing him before throwing him into the pit, Patty discovers her boobs aren’t all that’s gotten bigger.

Thoroughly aroused by staring at Afua’s and Kevin’s massive dicks, Patty tries to contain herself as she gets wet with excitement and her breasts grow even larger. With the magical mud pit taking effect, Kevin wakes to the stimulating surprise of his wife’s voluptuous new body.

The sexually enlightened tribe proves welcoming of their guests, as the story unfolds with intense orgies, passionate partner swapping, and an interesting problem that only Kevin can solve for the island’s leader.

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