It's True: The Pokemon Anime is 25 Years Old Now

For some, it seems like Pokemon made its grand debut just yesterday. The franchise has been around for decades now, but when it comes to the anime, it seems things hardly change. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have been hyping Pokemon for just about as long as the games have, after all. The pair are known the world over at this point, and believe it or not, Ash is celebrating a big milestone this month with the anime.

So if you want to brace yourself, do it now. Pokemon is officially 25 years old, and there is still way more to come.

The show brought its first episode to life in April 1997 if you didn’t know. TV Tokyo broadcasted the anime to fans around Japan, and it did not take long before Ash – or Satoshi overseas – became a hit with kids. Its colorful creatures and heartwarming tales made Pokemon a must-watch show, and the anime craze only grew once Pikachu hopped to the United States.

The original series made its move to televisions stateside in 1999, right as anime began to make its move into Western pop culture. Soon, Pokemon was spoken about as highly as Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. The show and video games worked in tandem to spark a fever with consumers. And even after 25 years, that flame is still burning.

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To date, Pokemon has put out close to 1,200 episodes since it began. With eight specials under its wing, Pokemon has released a total of 23 anime movies and one live-action adaptation with Detective Pikachu. Reports have suggested Netflix is eyeing its own live-action take on Pokemon, and in the meantime, the series is continuing with its latest projects. Pokemon Journeys is on the air right now, and its world-hopping arcs have changed the game for Ash and Pikachu. And later this year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will step out with its own anime mini-series that is sure to drum up attention.

After 25 years, Pokemon remains as powerful as ever, and fans have been all too happy to celebrate its big anniversary online. So if you want to hop into the conversation, well – there is never a bad time to start re-watching the anime from episode one!

Can you believe the Pokemon anime has been going on strong for this long? What is something the anime has never done that you’d like it to try moving forward? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

I grew up with these two and can’t believe it’s already been 25 years…

Happy silver anniversary to the anime that influenced me most. To the greatest Pokemon Master… Ash, and his buddy, Pikachu! ?#FanArt #Anipoke #Anipoke25 #Pokeani #Pokeani25 #????25 #???? #Pokemon

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Pok?mon Anime! It has now been 25 years of this incredible journey, and it’s still going strong! Thank you, Anipoke, for being so wonderful, and for being such a huge part of my life. Thank you for everything.

“Good friendships last forever, even though friends don’t always stay together.” ?

One thing we can all take from 25 years of the anime. Seeing Ash form bonds with Pok?mon and people has been a joy! #????25

Still crazy that it’s been 25 years of the Pokemon Anime because this was the first Anime I ever watched and it got me into Anime in general this Media I love and I’ll always love it for that thanks Pokemon for all the memories

“Pok?mon, I Choose You!” debuted in Japan 25 years ago on that very day today, marking the start of the Pok?mon anime series.

Man, I feel pretty old now… ??

The Pok?mon anime is officially 25 years old ?

Happy 25th anniversary to the Pok?mon Anime ??

25 years of exciting adventures & battles. 8 regions, 16 companions, 23 movies and almost 1200 episodes.

This series means very much to me! Thank you ?#anipoke #anipoke25 #????25 #???? #????25?? #pokemon

Exactly 25 years ago a story began… a story that would touch more peoples lives than anyone would’ve thought possible… a story that my life wouldn’t be the same without. This is the story of Ash and Pikachu. Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pok?mon anime! #anipoke


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