James Bond Fans Baffled After Tony Hawk and Shaun White's Tribute at the 2022 Oscars

It’s been two days since one of the most talked about Oscars in years and though much of the world is focused on the Will Smith/Chris Rock moment, some fans are still pretty baffled by a few other instances. Among them was the celebration of 60 years of the James Bond film franchise, a fitting topic for the ceremony but one that was introduced by a trio of incredibly random presenters, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, professional surfer Kelly Slater, and professional snowboarder Shaun White. Their intro tried to play it off as deciding the “GOAT” of the franchise in comparison to the sports that they’re known for, it kind of makes sense, but it has left fans baffled ever since. See the clip and the reactions below.

Last year saw the release of No Time to Die, the fifth and final James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig and the 25th feature overall in the long-running franchise. The franchise retrospective that aired during the Oscars not only highlighted some of the best moments from the entire series, but also managed to spoil the big moment of Craig’s final outing. As of now the series is stuck in a limbo state, with a successor to the role of James Bond not yet named and an uncertain timeline of when fans might be able to expect the next one. Perhaps by the time the 70th anniversary rolls around they can add footage to at least two more movies.

Making the Oscars more appealing to non film fans who are unlikely to watch the show by cutting awards categories and speeches and having Tony Hawk and bros. introduce a James Bond clips package is stupid.

The fact that they disrespected the craft awards with pretaped edited speeches and still went 3 hours plus is an absolute joke. But thank god we go to see Tony Hawk introduce a Bond Montage, right? Wtf

I would sell my soul to be a fly on the wall of the focus group that came up with the idea of Tony Hawk introducing a ’60 years of James Bond’ package.

Real old people trying to figure out what kids like vibes from “Kids like skateboards right? Let’s get Tony Hawk to present a James Bond montage”.

Watching some of the highlights now and the actual funniest Oscars moment was, “To introduce a celebration of 60 years of James Bond here’s… Tony Hawk”

When they do a very special James Bond tribute introduced by Tony Hawk when Judi Dench is right there in the room pic.twitter.com/VJvXbufYQ5

Like, any idiot could have figured out doing a 60 Years Of Bond montage and segueing right into Billie Eilish performing the theme song, right? What essential instinct failed, that those two things happened about an hour apart and one was prefaced with Tony Hawk and Shaun White?

Another #oscars take: It must’ve been weird for Judi Dench and Javier Bardem to sit there in the audience while Tony Hawk introduced the tribute to James Bond.

the will smith thing is obviously the biggest story of the night but i am still thinking about the wild choice to have tony hawk kelly slater and shaun white introduce a 007 supercut on the basis of they are the best in their field, and some people thinking their is a best bond?

The events of last night’s Oscars ceremony were shocking and upsetting. I call on Tony Hawk to immediately issue an apology for excluding George Lazenby’s name from the “60 years of Bond” tribute


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