James Bond Fans Support Idris Elba After Reported Consideration For 007

By Aaron Perine
Idris Elba is feeling the love from James Bond fans after a report surfaced that he was in the pool of actors considered for the role. The question of who will play 007 next has been at the top of the entire fanbase’s mind from the moment Daniel Craig confirmed that he would not be back. But, now, with No Time To Die out in the world, the reality is settling in. Producer Barbara Broccoli told Deadline that the idea was not out of the question this week and social media had a lot to say. Questions of diversity have been at the center of the recasting conversation for years now. Craig himself weighed in recently for good measure. No one knows who MGM or the 007 brain trust will select to be the next James Bond. But, whatever the decision ends up being, there will be a vocal set of fans upset that their personal favorite didn’t get a shot.
“Well, we know Idris, we’re friends with him, and he’s a magnificent actor,” the producer said recently. “And, you know, it’s been part of the conversation, but it’s always difficult to have the conversation when you have someone in the seat.”
A lot of people debating if Idris Elba should be the next James Bond! 👀
I’m just gonna say I’d love to see him in the role as 007, I think he’d smash it! pic.twitter.com/Ezasp26kDT
Broccoli continued, “I think we have decided that until No Time to Die has had its run and Daniel has been able to — well, we’ve all been able to savor, reap the benefits of Daniel’s wonderful tenure, we’re not gonna think about, or talk about anybody else.”
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He should be the next Bond and once again Paul did a fantastic painting #IdrisElba #Art #Paintings https://t.co/GRGWt6vJOj
This is James Bond 101 material and @idriselba was born for the role to play the next #JamesBond pic.twitter.com/mvN6GPIsqj
So idris elba might be the new James Bond 💙 pic.twitter.com/LAfZ9ReI8d
There is simply no question that Idris Elba should be the next James Bond. None. https://t.co/HxTh1b39mv
I’ll say it again. Idris Elba should be Bond. That’s it. So obvious.
Loads of chat about Tom Hardy being the next James Bond, I still think it should be Idris Elba just to piss off these people 👇🏽
Proof that Idris Elba would make an awesome Bond. Because when Hugh Laurie, Benedict Cumberbatch and I all wore bow ties to the GQ Awards as per the invitation, Elba opted for a far cooler, more relaxed look. And yes this is just an excuse to share my favourite photo ever again. pic.twitter.com/JnJprYPtK2
For those saying Idris Elba is too old to play Bond at 49, Roger Moore played the role in his 50’s. pic.twitter.com/9axj4gKrEV
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