Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Swap Late-Night Shows for April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day is usually a unique day in the pop culture world, as celebrities and brands pull pranks on unsuspecting fans and viewers. That appears to have especially been the case in the world of late-night television, as two of the genre’s mainstays decided to switch shows for a single night. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel surprised their viewers when they swapped their respective programs for their Friday night shows, with Kimmel traveling to New York for The Tonight Show, and Fallon traveling to California for Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to a report from Variety, neither studio audience was informed of the switch ahead of time.

Kimmel’s official YouTube channel already shared a clip of Fallon’s time hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, with over fourteen minutes of him entertaining and perplexing the audience, before Kimmel returned back to his desk. Coincidentally, both shows already had something in common prior to the swap, as the Red Hot Chili Peppers were the musical guest on both episodes.

“My only complaint about Jimmy Fallon is the first name: Jimmy,” Kimmel told Esquire back in 2014. “People get us mixed up all the time. No one remembers which Jimmy is which. Or they think I’m him, which can only make you feel like you should be him. Actually, he says the same thing happens to him.”

“He’s like an athlete out there,” Kimmel said of Fallon’s hosting work. “He can jump high, act, sing. He’s a true performer. I’m a broadcaster. That’s how I come at this. Not a stand-up, not an actor, not a commentator. A broadcaster.”

This trend certainly isn’t common in the world of late-night television, but similar pranks have been pulled over the years. Most recently, actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell confused audiences by switching their late-night appearances, without informing the hosts ahead of time. This meant that Reynolds went on to Fallon’s show in Ferrell’s place to promote The Shrink Next Door, while Ferrell went onto Kimmel’s show to promote Reynolds’ Red Notice.

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