Jolyne Cosplay Brings Back JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Stone Ocean

The Stone Ocean is set to roll back to shore this fall, with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure set to release the next batch of twelve episodes onto Netflix at a yet undisclosed date later this year, and while fans count down the days before Jolyne returns with Stone Free, one fan has decided to create new cosplay for the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. Jolyne has been quite the unique member of the Joestar bloodline, not just because she’s the first female protagonist of the series, but because of her unique personality that has helped her stay alive in prison.

When last we saw Jolyne Cujoh in the anime adaptation, she was struggling to free her father from the curse laid upon him by the villainous White Snake, the Stand of the series’ antagonist Pucci. With Pucci attempting to find his way to heaven and fulfill the dreams of Dio Brando, the vampire killed by Jotaro in the finale of Stardust Crusaders, the priest of Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary harbors a Stand that can steal both the memories and Stands of his enemies and place them into compact discs. When Jolyne returns with her animated series, expect some major revelations over the course of the next twelve episodes.

Instagram Cosplayer Snicker Doodle Chan shared this spot-on take for the latest star of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s anime adaptation, as Jolyne has fought many an enemy Stand as she attempts to clear her name while also ducking some serious dangers within the halls of the maximum-security prison:

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While fans await the return of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s anime, the franchise is continuing to pump out new stories within its manga, as supporting characters Iggy, Lisa Lisa, and Kishibe Rohan all received new short stories in the latest official magazine. With the spin-off series of Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak bringing back the likes of Josuke, Hol Horse, and Pet Shop, it seems that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is taking the opportunity to explore plenty of characters from its past.

What do you think of this fresh take on the daughter of Jotaro? Are you hyped for Stone Ocean’s comeback later this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world the Joestars.


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