Jonathan Majors Fans Are Thirsting Over the Creed III Star in Shredded Set Photos

Fans are thirsting over Jonathan Majors after he appeared in some shredded set photos for Creed III. The behind-the-scenes set photos also featured Michael B. Jordan, who is pulling double duty on the third Creed movie by starring as Adonis Creed and directing the feature film. The duo appear to be filming on a beach since sand can be seen underneath their shoes. While Majors is in workout shorts, Jordan is wearing wind pants and a jacket set. Majors has put on a considerable amount of muscle mass, which makes sense if he’s playing someone who should be considered a formidable foe for Adonis Creed.

Social media is sharing appreciation for the upgraded body on display from the Lovecraft Country and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star, who joined the project last June. There is no word on who Majors could be playing in the film, though fans have speculated that he could be the son of Clubber Lang. Fans will get to see Majors as the Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which had its release date pushed back to July 28, 2023.

January also saw Michael B. Jordan caught in some set photos for Creed III. The movie marks Jordan’s first time as a director, stepping in for Ryan Coogler (Creed) and Steven Caple Jr. (Creed II). “I think it was one of those things where I just felt comfortable,” Jordan previously said on The Late Show about his directorial debut. “I knew it was going to be a risk. I’m super excited to get behind the camera….But from two project, the first two movies, finally having an opinion and a story that I wanted to tell, execute the vision that I saw in my head. From the second one to the third one I called Ryan (Coogler) up and he’s like, ‘You’re ready for it.'”

Jordan also revealed how the Black Panther filmmaker passed along some sage advice for stepping into the director’s chair: “Lots of advice, prep….Figure out your shotlist, get a storyboard artist, start boarding the shots….and for me that’s going to save me so much time so I’m not there on the day worried about ‘Okay, where am I going to put the camera? Where am I going to put my actors?’ So that is something that I’m taking with me every day when I go on these location scouts, and basically trust the people that are around you to help you out, you don’t have to shoulder it all on your own.”

Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Jonathan Majors and Creed III in the comments! The film arrives in theaters on November 23rd.

Okay can we please pause the discourse for 5 seconds to marvel in these BTS pics of Jonathan Majors on the set of Creed III???

Thassa Black Kang right there!!

a glorious way of learning that jonathan majors is going to be in creed 3

I was NOT prepared for these photos of Jonathan Majors filming Creed III with Michael B Jordan…. via @JAMNPP

I need a fainting couch because these pics of Jonathan Majors on the set of Creed III are too hot.

Jonathan Majors got HUGE for Creed 3! Adonis is going to have a rough time.

Jonathan Majors is a beautiful man.

I’m glad we’re all as a nation collectively thirsting over Jonathan Majors fine self

Okay again I submit my petition for Jonathan Majors to play a Black Superman

The thing about Jonathan Majors is that his performance in THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO is Oscar worthy, but he *also* looks like this:

Jonathan Majors on the set of CREED 3! He’s giving off some Mike Tyson vibes ?


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