Jurassic World Dominion Opens With $143 Million at the Box Office

Jurassic World Dominion will take a considerable bite out of the box office in its opening weekend. The third film in the Jurassic World trilogy, which concludes the story that began in the original Jurassic Park, will earn $143 million over its first three days at the box office, taking the top spot on the chart. That’s slightly below what its predecessor, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, opened to in 2018 ($148 million) before the pandemic. Dominion also had the second-best opening day for the franchise with $59.55 million (including $18 million from preview night showings) on Friday, behind only Jurassic World‘s $81.9 million in 2015.

The film is not loved by critics, despite its A- CinemaScore. It currently has a rotten score on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. ComicBook.com’s Jamie Jirak gave the film a mixed review. She writes:

Dominion takes a long time to get going, but the final third makes the whole experience worthwhile. Everything comes together in such a satisfying way that it’s hard to dwell on the prolonged journey that brought you there. The cast works extremely well together and the dinosaurs’ final showdown is epic. Jurassic World Dominion has enough heart to make it worth watching.”

Also at the box office, Top Gun: Maverick holds strong with $50 million in its third weekend, bringing its total to $393.3 million. It’s less than $5 million away from overtaking Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ total, with the Marvel movie in its sixth week at the box office. The complete list of top 10 films at the box office this weekend is in the works.


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