Keith Lee and Mia Yim Just Got Married

By Matthew Aguilar
There’s been a lot of buzz about where current wrestling free agents Keith Lee and Mia Yim will end up now that they are no longer with WWE, especially after Tony Khan teased that big free agent signing for next week’s AEW Dynamite. That very well could happen, but until then, there is still a lot to celebrate, as today Lee and Yim were married in a beautiful ceremony. The couple got engaged in February of 2021, and now more and more photos of the event have hit social media thanks to guests at the wedding, including Nixon Newell, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Riddle, Damian Priest, Shane Taylor, and more. You can check out some of the photos below, and congratulations to Keith and Mia!
Newell probably got the photo of the night, capturing the two during their dance together in a post to her Instagram stories. That said, Benjamin got a great photo of the couple as well right before they cut their cake, and their cake gets even better upon closer inspection.
Keith Lee and Mia Yim got married today. Congratulations!
If you look at the top of it, you’ll see two tiny figures of Keith and Mia, but they aren’t just ordinary figures. They look a lot like two Star Wars versions of them because that looks like Mia has Stormtrooper armor and a helmet while Keith has Darth Vader armor and his helmet as well. If not, maybe I’m just seeing things, which is totally possible if I’m honest.
A post shared by Shelton J Benjamin (@sheltyb803)
Benjamin posted several photos, adding the caption “Despite my best efforts the wedding commenced. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lee. @realmickfoley you didn’t ask if anyone objected thus thwarting my big moment. You got heat. Right here in Magic Kingdom. #yimitless #congratulations #weddingday”
Damian Priest had a great snap as well, catching Benjamin using a selfie stick as he tries to get a better picture. Priest posted the photo with the caption “Who’s uncle is this? 🤣🤣🤣”
Who’s uncle is this? 🤣🤣🤣
Congrats to the amazing couple, and we here at wish them all the best!
Now all eyes are aimed at next week’s Dynamite, as Lee and Yim are two of the more popular names in the running after Khan said that someone would be coming in that was a free agent, and then teased it could very well be someone looking to slam the door on their former employer. Sounds like a former WWE superstar for sure, but we’ll just wave to wait and see.
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