Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Might Confirm Star Wars World

It looks like the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 may have confirmed the addition of a world based on Star Wars. Ever since Disney acquired the Star Wars all the way back in 2012, Kingdom Hearts fans have been dreaming of the day that the sci-fi series could cross over with Square Enix‘s action RPG franchise. And while Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t end up making good on this dream, it very much seems like Kingdom Hearts 4 could finally take Sora and friends to a galaxy far, far away.

Not long after the initial trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 was released this morning, fans were quick to notice what seems to be a callback to Star Wars. Specifically, in a section of the trailer that briefly showed off a forest environment, the foot of an AT-ST vehicle from Star Wars was seemingly spotted in the background. The AT-ST is a walker-like vehicle controlled by the Empire that appears in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Given that the AT-STs in this movie happen to also show up on Endor, which is a forest-based planet, it very much seems like this could be a tease of a Star Wars world within Kingdom Hearts 4.

You can get a look at the potential tease in the images seen in the tweet below:

YO, THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE FOREST IN ENDOR??????? KH4 IS GOING TO HAVE STAR WARS I S2G… (left is from the KH4 trailer, right is Endor)

One reason why it might make sense for a world based on Star Wars to appear in Kingdom Hearts 4 is because LucasFilm Games, which is the license holder of Star Wars when it comes to video games, has shown a willingness to let a number of developers work with the IP in recent years. While Electronic Arts has been the sole publisher that has worked with Star Wars over the past few years, other companies such as Ubisoft and Quantic Dream have since announced projects of their own set within this world. As such, it seems more than likely that Square Enix would now be able to land a deal to bring Star Wars into Kingdom Hearts 4.

Do you think that the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 all but guarantees that Star Wars will be included? And if this isn’t a Star Wars tease, how else do you explain what is being shown here? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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