LA Rams Win Super Bowl 2022

By Aaron Perine
Super Bowl LVI has decided a victor, and the Los Angeles Rams have won the championship. The Rams and Cincinnati Bengals battled it out and only one team can stand alone at the top. So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles played host to these two teams. The Rams were looking to be the second straight team to capture the Lombardi Trophy on their home field.
Before the game, Bengals RB Joe Mixon dreamed about what the Lombardi trophy would mean to Cincinnati. 
“I have dreamed of that many times,” said Joe Mixon, who left passes for his parents. “Whether it was any uniform, for myself. To be able to potentially bring the first Lombardi back to Cincinnati and Paul Brown Stadium, bro, why not? This here is history. The time is now, bro.”
During media availability for this game, longtime player and former Bengal Andre Whitworth laid out the stakes.
“It’s why we’re here,” Whitworth explained. “You look at this group, how we’ve been able to do things and really just the outstanding leadership that we’ve had throughout this football team … there’s just so many guys on this team, you look across the room, and you go, ‘Man, I want to win for the guy. That guy deserves it for this or that.’ And it’s made it one of the more unique seasons I’ve had, just being on a football team of a bunch of guys that have really earned opportunities like this and deserve it and handle themselves in such an awesome way. You’d do anything for them to have that chance to hold that trophy up.”
For the Rams, it’s been a fairytale affair. Eric Weddle was sitting at the house, and he played a role for them as defensive captain after being signed out of retirement.
“He’s one of those guys who has been special since he got here, since he walked in the building, with his leadership, with his communication, with his play,” Morris told The Athletic. “Make no mistakes about it, we didn’t bring him here just to talk. We brought him here to be a play-maker, which he’s done over the last couple of weeks. He’s one of the reasons that we’re in the situation that we’re in.”
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