Law & Order Teaser Reveals Sam Waterston's Return as Jack McCoy

By Matthew Aguilar
The Law & Order that kicked off a franchise is making its long-awaited return to television next month, and the revival is bringing some familiar faces back into the mix as well. That includes Law & Order staple Jack McCoy, who will once again be played by Sam Waterston, and NBC just revealed a new teaser that shows him in action. The teaser starts off with McCoy talking to someone off-screen, telling them “it’s okay to play the hero, so long as you win.” We then see quick cuts to some of the new cast, including Odelya Halevi, Jeffrey Donovan, and Hugh Dancy, and you can check out the teaser in the video below.
NBC posted the new teaser with the caption “The one that started it all. #LawAndOrder Season 21 premieres Thursday, February 24 on @NBC.” Now, we don’t know what time the series will air, but since it is on Thursdays, odds are it will air at 7 PM CST and make for an all Law & Order Thursday for NBC, as SVU airs at 8 PM CST and Organized Crime airs at 9 PM CST.
The one that started it all. #LawAndOrder Season 21 premieres Thursday, February 24 on @NBC.
Waterston won’t be the only returning face though, as the series will also bring Anthony Anderson’s Detective Kevin Bernard. Camryn Manheim will also join the show as Lieutenant Kate Dixon. No word yet on if any other former Assistant District Attorneys or Detectives will make their way back to the show, but anything’s possible.
In a previous interview, Wolf broke down what fans can expect from the series return. “This will be Season 21, so it’s the same ‘Law & Order’ everyone knows from the first 20 years,” Wolf said. “So there’s really nothing to fix, we just want to continue telling great stories. Casting as always will be three cops and three D.A.s. We always approach storytelling the same way: Good writing, acting and production values, and give the viewers what they want. That’s been our mantra from day one.”
Law & Order will premiere on NBC on February 24th.
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