Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 4 Recap With Spoilers

Last episode on Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the legendary figure officially took up his role as Deputy U.S. Marshal as well as welcomed a new son to his growing family. This week, Bass continues in his role and also finds himself working with a new partner — Billy Crow. Here’s what happened in the fourth episode of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, “Part 4.”

Warning: spoilers for Lawmen: Bass Reeves “Part 4” beyond this point.

The episode opens with Bass shooting a hole through a hat and dressing in clothing that has seen better days — he’s in disguise as he needs to appear a certain way when he approaches the home of a woman, Widow Dolliver (Dale Dickey). She’s wary of him and meets him with a rifle but lets him inside after she’s impressed by his ability to quote the Bible. At dinner, her sons Wiley and Darrell show up and get into a fight with one another and Widow Dolliver asks Bass’ help in moving them into the bedroom. Once everyone is settled in for the night and sleeping, Bass places both men in handcuffs. When they wake up in the morning, their stunned to realize they are under arrest.

At home, the Reeves family attends church and the preacher introduces Edwin Jones (Grantham Coleman), calling him a visionary with a vision for the Black community to prosper. Edwin asks the congregation who owns their own property, and Jennie Reeves is the only person to raise her hand. Edwin says he believes that there is somewhere that they can all own their own property and Edwin’s wife Esme (Joaquina Kalukango) passes out pamphlets — and the collection plate — to make that dream a reality. It turns out that Jennie knows Esme. As for Sally Reeves, she lies to her mom to go secretly meet with Arthur.

Back at the Dolliver’s, Bass brings the brothers to a stagecoach and Billy Crow, who is now Bass’ posse man, is standing guard. This trip, Bass has rounded up more than half a dozen outlaws so it’s been very successful. At camp that night, one of the prisoners tells the story of Mr. Sundown, a slave catcher who ate his prisoners, much to Bass’ dislike. When the prisoner begins to sing, Bass has enough and silences him through intimidation. Later, however, when everyone is asleep, the man who was telling the story frees himself and attacks Bass. Bass manages to get the upper hand and stop him and Billy points out that the prisoner has killed another of their prisoners — and tried to eat his face. Billy wants to shoot the man, but Bass says he’s the only law.

The next day, Bass meets with Minco Dodge (Mo Brings Plenty) and they catch up. Bass says he wants a week off and a warm bed, but Minco tells him that he’s spotted Silas Cobb and Bass thinks Silas has been stealing horses and selling them. Minco warns Bass that there’s a bounty on both their heads. Bass and Billy go out to try to round up Silas before they go back home. Bass goes to a brothel for information and outside, Billy flirts with one of the women. They talk and Billy ends up telling her that he thinks he’s going to marry her, but she’s not impressed but tells him that they might talk again.

Bass finds Silas and bursts into his room and Silas (Anthony Traina) wants to make some sort of deal in which he turns over the location of Jim Webb if Bass doesn’t shoot him. Bass agrees and Silas gives up Webb. However, the woman with Silas grabs a gun and aims it at both of them and Silas escapes out the window, taking a horse and riding off before Bass can get him. When Billy spots him, he orders Silas to stop, but he doesn’t and Billy shoots him in the back.

Silas doesn’t die but is in bad shape. Bass goes for a doctor, but Silas dies in the street before a doctor can get to him. Billy helped Silas write a note to his wife before his death and later tries to justify the killing, saying Silas had it coming but Bass doesn’t agree. Bass says that even though he was a criminal, he was also a man and his responsibility. Bass gives Billy a bullet and tells him to think of each bullet as a life and that while the law lets them decide who deserves a bullet, it’s god’s say if their justified.

Bass shows up to Silas’ home with the letter and it turns out that Silas’ widow, Grace (Precious Perez) is blind. She asks Bass to read the letter to her, which brings tears to Bass’ eyes. Later, Bass gets back on the road home and when he stops to feed and water his horse, Bass realize he’s being tracked. Bass turns with his gun drawn and the man tracking him just rides off.

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