League of Legends Reveals New Star Guardian Skins

After much anticipation and our first official teaser from earlier in the week, Riot Games finally revealed League of Legends’ newest Star Guardian members as well as some new adversaries on Wednesday. A total of five new skins set within the Star Guardian universe were revealed through both splash arts and PBE preview videos along with a bonus Prestige Edition skin. If leaks and other hints are to be believed, however, it looks like this won’t be the only Star Guardian drop players can look forward to.

The skins below were revealed this week by Riot through the official social accounts for League. Kai’Sa is up first in the PBE preview video followed by Sona, Ekko, and Fiddlesticks. The last of the skins shown in the trailer is a Prestige Edition version of Ekko’s skin.

Colorful outfits, magical transformations, and adorable familiars? Yep, it’s #StarGuardian! pic.twitter.com/tkBdVjwdH4

In addition to those five different cosmetics, the game’s newest champion, Nilah, was also confirmed to be a recipient of the Star Guardian skin. That’s quite a launch skin for any champion to get, so expect there to be plenty of Star Guardian Nilahs in the bottom lane once the champion releases.

For those who are just now hearing about Nilah which would be understandable given how soon she’s been revealed after Bel’Veth just recently released, you can read up on the newest champion here.

Adelanto del #PBE del aspecto Nilah Guardiana de las Estrellas ? pic.twitter.com/Y4C78XdZmf

For those who take stock in leaks and other unofficial indicators or what’s to come, keep in mind that we’ve already seen talks of Star Guardian skins other than just the ones shown above. Some of those supposed leaks hinted that others like Taliyah, Orianna, and Akali would also get Star Guardian skins. There’s been some differences of opinion as to which of these will come to League proper and which may come to League of Legends: Wild Rift first, but keywords were apparently found within one of the recent Star Guardian videos that referenced those champions once more. Riot recently split its new High Noon skins into two different drops, so there’s a precedent there for that to happen once more with the new Star Guardian skins.

An event will accompany these cosmetics, but Riot hasn’t yet shared the details pertaining to that.


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