Legion of X Writer Calls Charles Xavier's Relationship With His Son A "Work-in-Progress"

The launch of the new X-Men series Legion of X features Charles Xavier‘s son, David Haller, leading his own team of mutants on Krakoa. David was formerly the star of his own live-action TV series on FX, titled Legion, starring Dan Stevens. Legion suffers from a dissociative identity disorder similar to Moon Knight, except Legion manifests different mutant powers for each identity. Legion and Charles have always had a rocky relationship, with Legion famously creating the “Age of Apocalypse” alternate reality when his father was mistakenly murdered in the past. Legion of X writer Si Spurrier revealed the new series will continue to explore the father-son relationship.

“There has never been a revolution where the person who was best at fighting for a new status quo is also the best at maintaining it,” Spurrier told EW. “It’s just not possible, because if you’re the person who fights, you don’t stop fighting. If you’re the person who’s good at maintaining and equalizing, then you were never the right person to be fighting for this in the first place. That’s the conflict I like to look at between Charles Xavier and his son, David Haller.”

The prolific writer added that the father-son relationship is “very much a work-in-progress” that “will get worse before it gets better. If it gets better.”

He continued: “We’ll be spending a lot more time in David’s head — quite literally, in fact — than Charles’, so his own ambitions, hopes, and dreams are far more the grist for our mill than Xavier’s approach to fatherhood. What we’re going to see is David wrestling with his own ambition, his own indistinct notion of duty and responsibility to his own people, and ultimately his approach to how best he can serve mutantkind. As a weapon? As a follower? Or as a leader?”

Spurrier previously penned Legion’s adventures in 2012-2014’s X-Men: Legacy. Described as a “precinct-style ensemble story” by Spurrier, Legion of X brings together fan-favorites like Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Pixie, and more to handle Krakoa’s internal threats, similar to cops working to keep the peace in a town.

“I’ve wanted to do a precinct-style ensemble story since I first read HOUSE OF X. For the first time, the Marvel Universe has this densely packed, beautiful (and beautifully volatile) population of superhumans, out in the open, all in one place. It needs peacekeepers, sure… but it’s a mistake to think of them as simply cops. You don’t get far in Krakoa if the limit of your imagination is beating people up or reaching for a gun. Mutant civilization needs those who think differently,” Spurrier said in a statement when Legion of X was announced.

“That’s where Nightcrawler, Legion, Pixie and Juggernaut come in — along with a rotating cast of your favorite mutants and non-mutants. And a couple of new faces you’re going to want to watch very, very closely…,” he added.

Spurrier also talked up his artistic partner Jan Bazaldua and the collaborative cohesion of the X-Office: “I couldn’t be prouder to be helming this new title, with the incredible Jan Bazaldua doing the work of her life. It’s no secret that the writers of the X-office have formed one of the tightest cells of additive cross-title creativity in our industry. It’s no exaggeration to say that the events you’ll encounter in LEGION OF X are dominoes being flipped whose chains of repercussion will feed the greatest earthquake in modern comicdom, which is rumbling devastatingly down the pipe towards you even now…”

Legion of X #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.


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