Lightyear: Where Pixar's Trademark Pizza Planet Easter Egg Appears

Lightyear has zoomed into theaters on its way to an estimated $52 million opening weekend at the domestic box office. Despite coming in slightly below expectations, fans and critics alike are responding well to the flick and some eagle-eyed viewers have started to notice a recurring Pixar Easter egg in one of the film’s most action-packed moments.

Pizza Planet first originated in Toy Story, serving as a location frequented throughout the franchise’s first three pictures. Since then, the fictional pizza joint has appeared in virtually every Pixar movie since thanks to clever placements of Pizza Planet truck Easter eggs. That includes Lightyear, where the delivery truck manages to find its way to a planet across the galaxy.

At one point in Lightyear, Buzz (Chris Evans) and the rest of his Star Command helpers find themselves stranded on a planet called Tkani Prime. After they reach the uncharted planet, they run out of hyperfuel, leaving them to drastic measures in order to get off the planet. As fate would have it, one of Buzz’s solutions also messes with space-time, and time leaps forward by years every time he tests his solution.

It’s during this moment you can see the Pizza Planet truck in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. Toward the left side of the screen, you can see the truck in the background as Buzz and rising fan-favorite companion Sox try to elude security guards.

“Well I think anytime someone has to have a little fall from grace and kind of accept responsibility for mistakes and in that acceptance recognize that you don’t have to be defined by those mistakes and, and that’s what allows growth,” Evans previously told about Buzz’s journey in Lightyear. “So, you meet a Buzz in the beginning who is, you know, determined and then a leader and the reason we all love him. But you also get to see him metabolize some humility into some growth.”

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