Logan Reimagines a Classic Storyline for the Big Screen

After 17 years of fighting Magneto and mentoring gifted youngsters, Hugh Jackman will pop his claws for one last film before Wolverine rides off into the sunset. As such, it’s fitting that his final X-Men movie is an adaptation one of Wolverine’s most beloved storylines — Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan.”

While the comic featured a full roster of characters and IP that would be impossible to incorporate in the movie given the small slice of Marvel movie rights that Fox holds, the trailer for “Logan” seems to capture the stories essence as an action-packed, buddy road trip for redemption in a future western-infused world.

In the comic, an aged Wolverine and a blind Hawkeye hit the road, but in the movie Professor X takes the archers place. Though the movie seems to have the reluctant Logan hesitantly going along for the ride like in the comics, it’s unclear if he’s a staunch pacifist in this version and if so, why? This interpretation also appears to have him much less hell-bent on revenge and more focused on protecting the young girl that shows up looking for help.

Which leads us to the introduction of Laura Kinney, played by Dafne Keen. This character does not appear in the “Old Man Logan” series, but she should be well known by current Marvel comic readers. Laura is actually X-23, the most recent character to take up the claw popping mantle in “All New Wolverine.”

In the comic, X-23 is a Logan clone, possessing the same abilities as Wolverine. She serves as an assassin for an organization known as the Facility, and it’s possible that’s who’s behind the bionically-enhance Reavers who are after her.

The trailers to “Logan” hint at an intimate story with great personal stakes, which would separate it from the end of the world scenarios of past theatrical X-Men offerings. In the midst of apocalyptic consequences and intergalactic warfare, this more grounded take on superheroes may be just the right story at the right time.

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