Loki Writer Reveals Failed Award-Winning Speech From Miss Minutes

Loki writer Michael Waldron shared the speech that the crew would have used if they had won a WGA Award. On Twitter, he posed a clip of Tara Strong reading a pre-recorded message as Miss Minutes. Fans really took a liking to the extradimensional being during her run on the Disney+ show. In a series full of surprises, Miss Minutes was one of the early ones. Strong’s performance would not go unnoticed on social media as fans of Loki gathered around to hear what she had to say. It’s clear that Waldron and his fellow writers had an absolute blast making the MCU series. Direct consequences have been brewing in every Marvel project since then. Hopefully the writer and his partners can get things going on Loki Season 2 sometime soon. Check out the whole speech right here.

Talking to Marvel about the series, Waldron explained that he had a lot of room to operate when it came to the wilder elements of the MCU. “From day one, we were like, ‘Look, this thing should be as vital as a movie.’ There was no cap on our imagination, or on what we could do or what we couldn’t do because it was on Disney+,” Waldron said of the six-episode streaming series. “As far as we were concerned, we were telling the next, most important chapter in the MCU. And so, that meant, ‘Yeah, let’s get Infinity Stones in there.'”

Congrats to Succession and Hacks on their WGA awards! Here’s the speech we submitted in case we won. #Loki pic.twitter.com/pK3VDbs5y5

Miss Minutes herself spoke to Marvel.com about her role in the show heading into Season 2. Strong explained that they had to find a way to keep her in the story as Loki progressed.

“It was so fun, because I didn’t know we were going to go there,” Strong explained to the outlet. “So initially, [the character is] exposition. It’s explaining what happens to you with a little bit of attitude and this little cutesy stuff, even though there’s very dire things happening. And then you see that she actually does have a horse in this race, you see that she actually may be sentient, may care about what’s happening. She becomes angry, feels real human emotion, and then you start to wonder, ‘Oh my god, who is she? And how does she have access? How is she there at the end? How does she relate to the Time Keepers?'”

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