Lost Ark Team Shares New Details on PvP Seasons, Rewards

Lost Ark players who fancy themselves to be pretty skilled in PvP combat will soon have the opportunity to prove that once and for all with the start of the first season of the Competitive Proving Grounds. This new feature, as its name suggests, will pit players against each other when it launches on March 24th with players able to earn rewards and bragging rights based on their performances in the competitive matches. Ahead of that release, the Lost Ark team shared some details about those rewards as well as how the seasonal system will operate.

For starters, the first season will last around six months, the Lost Ark team said. That’s a pretty long time for the first season considering how most seasons in games typically last three or four months, but we won’t have a precise end date until later on. What we do know now, however, is that the seasons of combat will make players’ matches worth the effort through coins earned that’ll let you shop with a new vendor who’ll stock weekly and seasonal rewards.

“While you’ll receive some items based on your final rank, the majority of PvP rewards will be earned through accumulating coins through Proving Grounds gameplay, which can be spent at a new vendor located in major cities,” the Lost Ark update said. “The vendor will have a mix of weekly rewards and season-long specific rewards. The weekly rewards include honing materials and XP potions, while the season-long rewards include cosmetic and functional items, like mounts, titles, and more. Players will be rewarded for progressing through grades and tiers with access to additional weekly honing materials and other vendor items.”

As players battle through their PvP matches, their Competitive Match Average Score will go up or down depending on performance. All you have to do to avoid rank decay is compete at least once every two weeks, but it’s up to you beyond that to make sure it moves upwards through the ranks before a season ends.

Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 launches this week. The competition starts on March 24th as part of the weekly update!

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Throughout the season, the best of the best will see their names hoisted above others on a competitive leaderboard.

“For those searching for glory in addition to the rewards, the top 200 players in each region will be viewable on a Competitive Match Leaderboard in-game!” the Lost Ark team said. “After the update, a new tab can be found within the Proving Grounds entrance board in major cities, titled ‘Competitive Matches.’ On this tab, players can queue for matches and view the leaderboard.”

Lost Ark’s first season of Competitive Proving Grounds will start on March 24th.


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